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What are Cotton Squares?

Our Japanese Cotton Squares are 50cm square hemmed pieces of Japanese cotton fabric.

So what do you do with that? What is it FOR?

Hopefully you've landed on this website because you have imagination, creativity, and a love of the environment.

But if you're still not quite sure what's going on, here are some ideas.

1) Wipe your face. These squares are a great size for a nice big fabric napkin. You know - not the paper ones that stick to your fingers when you eat chicken wings and you throw in the bin at the end of the BBQ. The kind a waiter swishes onto your lap in a nice restaurant. The kind you spend hours choosing the colour for your wedding/birthday/other celebration. The kind you could use every day at home and throw into the washing machine with your towels with little more effort than taking out the bin (full of paper napkins).

2) Tie it around your head. OK - bandanas may not be the biggest trend in fashion at the moment, but there are times when you just want to cover up your bad hair day and get on with things. Or you're doing a big spring clean and you don't want spiders in your hair. Or is that just an Australian thing?

3) Wrap a gift. Japanese people traditionally wrap gifts in pieces of cloth called FUROSHIKI. Google it. It's a thing. Really. And being Japanese of course they do it in an amazing way that looks so much better than wrapping paper. Which is disposable. Such a waste of resources when what you really want is what's inside. OK I know - making a gift look gorgeous on the outside makes it more exciting and special. That's why you should wrap it up in a piece of fabric that your gift recipient can then use again - to wrap other gifts, or as a napkin or bandana (see above).

4) Make something. If this isn't enough for you, you're going to have to use that imagination and creativity. These squares have such a tiny hem, you can easily cut that off and use the fabric for - well ANYTHING! We know that quilters love them. So many beautiful designs! So many things we could sew. Hand me my needle! Hand me my glue gun! Let's get started and show everyone how creative we are. Even if it turns into a Pinterest Fail we want to see it and hear how much fun you had with the creative process. #kimonodaisy. If you're short on ideas, check out our Ideas Blog. It often goes a bit off topic, but there are some good projects in there too.