About Us

Hi! This is Jen, and Kimono Daisy is the dream retail store I never opened in real life.

Kimono Daisy is operated by J Style Pty Ltd, an Australian importer and wholesaler of all kinds of gorgeous Japanese gifts and homewares. Many of these are fragile, and heavy, and ridiculously hard to post, so we don't sell them direct to the public and we definitely don't send them overseas (except sometimes to New Zealand). If you are a retailer in Australia interested in buying for your own store, take a look at www.jstyle.com.au. If you are after some of our other Japanese wares for yourself, you can also check the list of J Style stockists in Australia.

Here at Kimono Daisy you will find all the beautiful things that we CAN post! Fabrics to start with, but we will work to expand the range now that we've got started.

Our fabrics are actually little furoshiki, hemmed squares of Japanese cotton about 50cm square. Traditionally they would be used as napkins, to wrap gifts, as table cloths, or to make small bags for carrying your books, lunch, shopping, toiletries on holiday, etc etc. Say NO to plastic bags! That certainly doesn't stop people from getting creative and cutting them up to make who knows what exciting craft or sewing project.

We love to see what people make of them, so when you get creative please share it on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest. #kimonodaisy.

And if you have any questions, just click on Contact Us, or give me a call (we are in NSW, Australia, so watch the time zone please!)